Who We Are

Our Personal Mission

We believe in possibility, of dreams, of affordable weddings, of walking into a room to have your breath taken away. In running away with the person you love, in romanticizing every part of your wedding, in taking part in something memorable. We believe love conquers all, that it will always shield you, and that everything you want, can happen with a little imagination and an open heart. We believe in relationships, we believe in love, we support love, we love love. We believe in sharing our heart with the world through beautiful flowers and design. We believe flowers can speak thoughts that do not have words, and sing songs that have not be written. We believe the little details make a moment, and we believe in unforgettable moments.


About Kelly Jurotich

"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one..." -George Bernard Shaw

A thousand times over in my life I’ve flirted with a flower. Either as I passed a bloom, regaling in it's beauty, or drew them as scribbles from my imagination: flowers have always been in my mind. My high school notebooks are still riddled with flower after drawn flower in blue and black ink. Poems I wrote always talked about flowers, and then there was the boredom of purchasing boutonnieres for dances, and how I would fight with the supermarket florist: there had to be other options besides roses and babies breath!

But what happened in 2009 was the above words were spoken to me, at just the right moment, when a push really needed to happen. Jump in, or let a dream go. I had been working for other florists for a time – and was in love.

When I say in love, it wasn’t infatuation – where my heart rate would quicken, and I would get breathless and swept up (although that happened) – but for the first time in my life, the actual feeling came over me that I was doing EXACTLY what I was meant to be doing. That it was a calling.

So I jumped in to becoming a floral designer, with my own name, own image, and own view of what my work should be in the world.  I'm in the process of learning who that is everyday, and embrace each challenge that comes to me through this pursuit.  What my work should be is an expression of feeling.  So that feeling washes over the recipient, and fills them with joy and wonder.

Kelly Jurotich So that's me: Kelly Jurotich. I am a wife of my best friend, Adam, and proud mother of three of ambitious, talented, emphatic and smart boys. Aidan, Adam Jr, and Xavier.  They happen to be the air I breath, the sun shining down on me, and the wind in my sails, teaching me to grow more everyday.  I'm from a family of budding entrepreneurs - Wonder Wieners and Pursuit Fitness and Performance.  I have tons of nieces and nephews, and I adore dogs.  We currently are fostering a gorgeous blue faun pitt bull named Kaya.

I love late night karaoke, 2 Gingers Whiskey, writing poetry, playing video games (yes I'm a girl gamer too), reading books that challenge me to be a bigger and better person, and being able to serve my clients' dreams and bring tears of joy to their eyes.

I couldn't be who I am without my parents, family, friends, clients, and vendors who push me everyday and strive to make me better. Without you, I couldn't live my dreams, and I couldn't be more thankful to have each and every one of you in my life.



Garrett Skupinski Cf
Floral Fundamentals Ambassador

Great Lakes Floral Expo Committee Chair

  • Florist Review Magazine ~ 35 Under 35
  • Floral Fundamentals Ambassador
  • Great Lakes Floral Expo Professional Category
First Place 2
Second Place 1
Chuck Bannow Award Winner
  • Smithers-Oasis Inspire Contest - Prom Category Winner
  • Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year
Attention Seeker Category – Bronze
Construction Category – Bronze
  • Great Lakes Floral Expo Professional Category
First Place 1
Second Place 2